Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 7, April 2018

1. Generalized rough set models determined by multiple neighborhoods generated from a similarity relation
Author(s): Jianhua Dai, Shuaichao Gao, Guojie Zheng
Pages: 2081-2094

2. A method for solving fuzzy matrix equations
Author(s): M. Amirfakhrian, M. Fallah, R. Rodríguez-López
Pages: 2095-2103

3. Global similarity preserving hashing
Author(s): Yang Liu, Lin Feng, Shenglan Liu, Muxin Sun
Pages: 2105-2120

4. Multiobjective maximum power tracking control of photovoltaic systems: T-S fuzzy model-based approach
Author(s): M. Allouche, K. Dahech, M. Chaabane
Pages: 2121-2132

5. Note on “symmetric triangular approximations of fuzzy numbers under a general condition and properties”
Author(s): Chi-Tsuen Yeh
Pages: 2133-2137

6. Adaptive racing ranking-based immune optimization approach solving multi-objective expected value programming
Author(s): Kai Yang, Zhuhong Zhang, Jiaxuan Lu
Pages: 2139-2158

7. Multi-objective thermal power load dispatch using chaotic differential evolutionary algorithm and Powell’s method
Author(s): Nirbhow Jap Singh, J. S. Dhillon, D. P. Kothari
Pages: 2159-2174

8. Detection of Web site visitors based on fuzzy rough sets
Author(s): Javad Hamidzadeh, Mahdieh Zabihimayvan, Reza Sadeghi
Pages: 2175-2188

9. Input value prediction of parameters in laser bending using Fuzzy and PSO
Author(s): M. R. Nejati, M. Hoseinpour Gollo, M. Tajdari, H. Ghaffarian
Pages: 2189-2203

10. A novel hybrid neural network based on phase space reconstruction technique for daily river flow prediction
Author(s): Hadi Delafrouz, Abbas Ghaheri, Mohammad Ali Ghorbani
Pages: 2205-2215

11. Modified Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm with new probability model
Author(s): Laizhong Cui, Kai Zhang, Genghui Li, Xianghua Fu, Zhenkun Wen, Nan Lu
Pages: 2217-2243

12. Evolutionary trust scheme of certificate game in mobile cloud computing
Author(s): Dazhi Li, Minglu Li, Jianhua Liu
Pages: 2245-2255

13. Finger vein secure biometric template generation based on deep learning
Author(s): Yi Liu, Jie Ling, Zhusong Liu, Jian Shen, Chongzhi Gao
Pages: 2257-2265

14. Fuzzy matching and direct revocation: a new CP-ABE scheme from multilinear maps
Author(s): Hao Wang, Debiao He, Jian Shen, Zhihua Zheng, Xiaoyan Yang, Man Ho Au
Pages: 2267-2274

15. Defuzzification and application of trapezoidal type-2 fuzzy variables to green solid transportation problem
Author(s): Amrit Das, Uttam Kumar Bera, Manoranjan Maiti
Pages: 2275-2297

16. Applications of computational intelligence in vehicle traffic congestion problem: a survey
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour, Houman Zarrabi, Rashid Hafeez Khokhar
Pages: 2299-2320

17. Fuzzy extended filters on residuated lattices
Author(s): Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Xiangnan Zhou
Pages: 2321-2328

18. Axiomatic approaches to rough approximation operators via ideal on a complete completely distributive lattice
Author(s): Ninghua Gao, Qingguo Li, Hongxia Han, Zhaowen Li
Pages: 2329-2339

19. Examining dynamic functional relationships in a pathological brain using evolutionary computation
Author(s): Arnab Roy
Pages: 2341-2368

20. A new image watermarking technique based on periodic plus smooth decomposition (PPSD)
Author(s): N. Aherrahrou, H. Tairi
Pages: 2369-2379

21. A novel evolutionary method of structure-diversified digital filter design and its experimental study
Author(s): Mingguo Liu, Lijia Chen, Jingsong He, Peiyu Zhang
Pages: 2381-2401

22. Convolutional neural networks-based intelligent recognition of Chinese license plates
Author(s): Yujie Liu, He Huang, Jinde Cao, Tingwen Huang
Pages: 2403-2419

23. Toward a soft computing-based correlation between oxygen toxicity seizures and hyperoxic hyperpnea
Author(s): Gianni D’Angelo, Raffaele Pilla, Jay B. Dean, Salvatore Rampone
Pages: 2421-2427

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