Monday, May 21, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 12, June 2018

1. Solving a nonhomogeneous linear system of interval differential equations
Author(s): Nizami A. Gasilov, Şahin Emrah Amrahov
Pages: 3817-3828

2. N-soft sets and their decision making algorithms
Author(s): Fatia Fatimah, Dedi Rosadi, R. B. Fajriya Hakim, José Carlos R. Alcantud
Pages: 3829-3842

3. On the measure of M-rough approximation of L-fuzzy sets
Author(s): Sang-Eon Han, Alexander Šostak
Pages: 3843-3855

4. A new metaheuristic algorithm: car tracking optimization algorithm
Author(s): Jian Chen, Hui Cai, Wei Wang
Pages: 3857-3878

5. Ideals and congruences in quasi-pseudo-MV algebras
Author(s): Wenjuan Chen, Wieslaw A. Dudek
Pages: 3879-3889

6. Solving maximal covering location problem using genetic algorithm with local refinement
Author(s): Soumen Atta, Priya Ranjan Sinha Mahapatra, Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Pages: 3891-3906

7. A novel fuzzy time series forecasting method based on the improved artificial fish swarm optimization algorithm
Author(s): Sidong Xian, Jianfeng Zhang, Yue Xiao, Jia Pang
Pages: 3907-3917

8. A novel constraint-handling technique based on dynamic weights for constrained optimization problems
Author(s): Chaoda Peng, Hai-Lin Liu, Fangqing Gu
Pages: 3919-3935

9. Recognizing the human attention state using cardiac pulse from the noncontact and automatic-based measurements
Author(s): Dazhi Jiang, Bo Hu, Yifei Chen, Yu Xue, Wei Li, Zhengping Liang
Pages: 3937-3949

10. Tauberian theorems for weighted mean summability method of improper Riemann integrals of fuzzy-number-valued functions
Author(s): Cemal Belen
Pages: 3951-3957

11. A fuzzy decision support system for multifactor authentication
Author(s): Arunava Roy, Dipankar Dasgupta
Pages: 3959-3981

12. A fast weak-supervised pulmonary nodule segmentation method based on modified self-adaptive FCM algorithm
Author(s): Hui Liu, Fenghuan Geng, Qiang Guo, Caiqing Zhang, Caiming Zhang
Pages: 3983-3995

13. Adjust weight vectors in MOEA/D for bi-objective optimization problems with discontinuous Pareto fronts
Author(s): Chunjiang Zhang, Kay Chen Tan, Loo Hay Lee, Liang Gao
Pages: 3997-4012

14. An improved method of automatic text summarization for web contents using lexical chain with semantic-related terms
Author(s): Htet Myet Lynn, Chang Choi, Pankoo Kim
Pages: 4013-4023

15. A composite particle swarm optimization approach for the composite SaaS placement in cloud environment
Author(s): Mohamed Amin Hajji, Haithem Mezni
Pages: 4025-4045

16. Convergence analysis of standard particle swarm optimization algorithm and its improvement
Author(s): Weiyi Qian, Ming Li
Pages: 4047-4070

17. Attribute-based fuzzy identity access control in multicloud computing environments
Author(s): Wenmin Li, Qiaoyan Wen, Xuelei Li, Debiao He
Pages: 4071-4082

18. A predictive model-based image watermarking scheme using Regression Tree and Firefly algorithm
Author(s): Behnam Kazemivash, Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam
Pages: 4083-4098

19. A multiple time series-based recurrent neural network for short-term load forecasting
Author(s): Bing Zhang, Jhen-Long Wu, Pei-Chann Chang
Pages: 4099-4112

20. Novel ranking method of interval numbers based on the Boolean matrix
Author(s): Deqing Li, Wenyi Zeng, Qian Yin
Pages: 4113-4122

21. The mean chance of ultimate ruin time in random fuzzy insurance risk model
Author(s): Sara Ghasemalipour, Behrouz Fathi-Vajargah
Pages: 4123-4131

22. A self-adaptive and stagnation-aware breakout local search algorithm on the grid for the Steiner tree problem with revenue, budget and hop constraints
Author(s): Tansel Dokeroglu, Erhan Mengusoglu
Pages: 4133-4151

23. Valuation of European option under uncertain volatility model
Author(s): Sabahat Hassanzadeh, Farshid Mehrdoust
Pages: 4153-4163

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