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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 6, June 2018

1. Special Issue on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Dongbin Zhao, Derong Liu, F. L. Lewis, Jose C. Principe, Stefano Squartini
Pages: 2038 - 2041

2. Optimal and Autonomous Control Using Reinforcement Learning: A Survey
Author(s): Bahare Kiumarsi, Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis, Hamidreza Modares, Frank L. Lewis
Pages: 2042 - 2062

3. Applications of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning to Biological Data
Author(s): Mufti Mahmud, Mohammed Shamim Kaiser, Amir Hussain, Stefano Vassanelli
Pages: 2063 - 2079

4. Guided Policy Exploration for Markov Decision Processes Using an Uncertainty-Based Value-of-Information Criterion
Author(s): Isaac J. Sledge, Matthew S. Emigh, José C. Príncipe
Pages: 2080 - 2098

5. Adaptive Constrained Optimal Control Design for Data-Based Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With Critic-Only Structure
Author(s): Biao Luo, Derong Liu, Huai-Ning Wu
Pages: 2099 - 2111

6. Optimal Guaranteed Cost Sliding Mode Control for Constrained-Input Nonlinear Systems With Matched and Unmatched Disturbances
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang, Qiuxia Qu, Geyang Xiao, Yang Cui
Pages: 2112 - 2126

7. Robust ADP Design for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems With Output Constraints
Author(s): Bo Fan, Qinmin Yang, Xiaoyu Tang, Youxian Sun
Pages: 2127 - 2138

8. Leader–Follower Output Synchronization of Linear Heterogeneous Systems With Active Leader Using Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Yongliang Yang, Hamidreza Modares, Donald C. Wunsch, Yixin Yin
Pages: 2139 - 2153

9. Approximate Dynamic Programming: Combining Regional and Local State Following Approximations
Author(s): Patryk Deptula, Joel A. Rosenfeld, Rushikesh Kamalapurkar, Warren E. Dixon
Pages: 2154 - 2166

10. Suboptimal Scheduling in Switched Systems With Continuous-Time Dynamics: A Least Squares Approach
Author(s): Tohid Sardarmehni, Ali Heydari
Pages: 2167 - 2178

11. Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems Based on Adaptive Critic Design
Author(s): Zhanshan Wang, Lei Liu, Yanming Wu, Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 2179 - 2191

12. Distributed Economic Dispatch in Microgrids Based on Cooperative Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Weirong Liu, Peng Zhuang, Hao Liang, Jun Peng, Zhiwu Huang
Pages: 2192 - 2203

13. Reusable Reinforcement Learning via Shallow Trails
Author(s): Yang Yu, Shi-Yong Chen, Qing Da, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Pages: 2204 - 2215

14. Self-Paced Prioritized Curriculum Learning With Coverage Penalty in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Zhipeng Ren, Daoyi Dong, Huaxiong Li, Chunlin Chen
Pages: 2216 - 2226

15. Multisource Transfer Double DQN Based on Actor Learning
Author(s): Jie Pan, Xuesong Wang, Yuhu Cheng, Qiang Yu
Pages: 2227 - 2238

16. Action-Driven Visual Object Tracking With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Sangdoo Yun, Jongwon Choi, Youngjoon Yoo, Kimin Yun, Jin Young Choi
Pages: 2239 - 2252

17. Extreme Trust Region Policy Optimization for Active Object Recognition
Author(s): Huaping Liu, Yupei Wu, Fuchun Sun
Pages: 2253 - 2258

18. Learning to Predict Consequences as a Method of Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Eric Chalmers, Edgar Bermudez Contreras, Brandon Robertson, Artur Luczak, Aaron Gruber
Pages: 2259 - 2270

19. A Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Network for Solving Rank-Deficient Matrix Equations With an Application to Output Regulation of Linear Systems
Author(s): Tao Liu, Jie Huang
Pages: 2271 - 2277

20. Online Learning Algorithm Based on Adaptive Control Theory
Author(s): Jian-Wei Liu, Jia-Jia Zhou, Mohamed S. Kamel, Xiong-Lin Luo
Pages: 2278 - 2293

21. User Preference-Based Dual-Memory Neural Model With Memory Consolidation Approach
Author(s): Jauwairia Nasir, Yong-Ho Yoo, Deok-Hwa Kim, Jong-Hwan Kim
Pages: 2294 - 2308

22. Online Hashing
Author(s): Long-Kai Huang, Qiang Yang, Wei-Shi Zheng
Pages: 2309 - 2322

23. GoDec+: Fast and Robust Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition Based on Maximum Correntropy
Author(s): Kailing Guo, Liu Liu, Xiangmin Xu, Dong Xu, Dacheng Tao
Pages: 2323 - 2336

24. A Parallel Multiclassification Algorithm for Big Data Using an Extreme Learning Machine
Author(s): Mingxing Duan, Kenli Li, Xiangke Liao, Keqin Li
Pages: 2337 - 2351

25. Nonlinear Decoupling Control With ANFIS-Based Unmodeled Dynamics Compensation for a Class of Complex Industrial Processes
Author(s): Yajun Zhang, Tianyou Chai, Hong Wang, Dianhui Wang, Xinkai Chen
Pages: 2352 - 2366

26. Online Learning Algorithms Can Converge Comparably Fast as Batch Learning
Author(s): Junhong Lin, Ding-Xuan Zhou
Pages: 2367 - 2378

27. Spiking, Bursting, and Population Dynamics in a Network of Growth Transform Neurons
Author(s): Ahana Gangopadhyay, Shantanu Chakrabartty
Pages: 2379 - 2391

28. Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks
Author(s): Jin Zhou, Long Chen, C. L. Philip Chen, Yingxu Wang, Han-Xiong Li
Pages: 2392 - 2406

29. Distributed Optimal Consensus Over Resource Allocation Network and Its Application to Dynamical Economic Dispatch
Author(s): Chaojie Li, Xinghuo Yu, Tingwen Huang, Xing He
Pages: 2407 - 2418

30. Distributed Adaptive Containment Control for a Class of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Input Quantization
Author(s): Chenliang Wang, Changyun Wen, Qinglei Hu, Wei Wang, Xiuyu Zhang
Pages: 2419 - 2428

31. Data-Driven Learning Control for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems: Multiple Communication Constraints and Limited Storage
Author(s): Dong Shen
Pages: 2429 - 2440

32. Reversed Spectral Hashing
Author(s): Qingshan Liu, Guangcan Liu, Lai Li, Xiao-Tong Yuan, Meng Wang, Wei Liu
Pages: 2441 - 2449

33. Structure Learning for Deep Neural Networks Based on Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Jia Liu, Maoguo Gong, Qiguang Miao, Xiaogang Wang, Hao Li
Pages: 2450 - 2463

34. On the Dynamics of Hopfield Neural Networks on Unit Quaternions
Author(s): Marcos Eduardo Valle, Fidelis Zanetti de Castro
Pages: 2464 - 2471

35. End-to-End Feature-Aware Label Space Encoding for Multilabel Classification With Many Classes
Author(s): Zijia Lin, Guiguang Ding, Jungong Han, Ling Shao
Pages: 2472 - 2487

36. Improved Stability and Stabilization Results for Stochastic Synchronization of Continuous-Time Semi-Markovian Jump Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Yanling Wei, Ju H. Park, Hamid Reza Karimi, Yu-Chu Tian, Hoyoul Jung
Pages: 2488 - 2501

37. Robust Latent Subspace Learning for Image Classification
Author(s): Xiaozhao Fang, Shaohua Teng, Zhihui Lai, Zhaoshui He, Shengli Xie, Wai Keung Wong
Pages: 2502 - 2515

38. New Splitting Criteria for Decision Trees in Stationary Data Streams
Author(s): Maciej Jaworski, Piotr Duda, Leszek Rutkowski
Pages: 2516 - 2529

39. A Sequential Learning Approach for Scaling Up Filter-Based Feature Subset Selection
Author(s): Gregory Ditzler, Robi Polikar, Gail Rosen
Pages: 2530 - 2544

40. Substructural Regularization With Data-Sensitive Granularity for Sequence Transfer Learning
Author(s): Shichang Sun, Hongbo Liu, Jiana Meng, C. L. Philip Chen, Yu Yang
Pages: 2545 - 2557

41. Exponential Synchronization of Networked Chaotic Delayed Neural Network by a Hybrid Event Trigger Scheme
Author(s): Zhongyang Fei, Chaoxu Guan, Huijun Gao
Pages: 2558 - 2567

42. Multiclass Learning With Partially Corrupted Labels
Author(s): Ruxin Wang, Tongliang Liu, Dacheng Tao
Pages: 2568 - 2580

43. Boundary-Eliminated Pseudoinverse Linear Discriminant for Imbalanced Problems
Author(s): Yujin Zhu, Zhe Wang, Hongyuan Zha, Daqi Gao
Pages: 2581 - 2594

44. An Information-Theoretic-Cluster Visualization for Self-Organizing Maps
Author(s): Leonardo Enzo Brito da Silva, Donald C. Wunsch
Pages: 2595 - 2613

45. Learning-Based Adaptive Optimal Tracking Control of Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Weinan Gao, Zhong-Ping Jiang
Pages: 2614 - 2624

46. On the Impact of Regularization Variation on Localized Multiple Kernel Learning
Author(s): Yina Han, Kunde Yang, Yixin Yang, Yuanliang Ma
Pages: 2625 - 2630

47. Structured Learning of Tree Potentials in CRF for Image Segmentation
Author(s): Fayao Liu, Guosheng Lin, Ruizhi Qiao, Chunhua Shen
Pages: 2631 - 2637

48. Adaptive Backstepping-Based Neural Tracking Control for MIMO Nonlinear Switched Systems Subject to Input Delays
Author(s): Ben Niu, Lu Li
Pages: 2638 - 2644

49. Memcomputing Numerical Inversion With Self-Organizing Logic Gates
Author(s): Haik Manukian, Fabio L. Traversa, Massimiliano Di Ventra
Pages: 2645 - 2650

50. Graph Regularized Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Author(s): Dongdong Chen, Jiancheng Lv, Zhang Yi
Pages: 2651 - 2659

51. A Self-Paced Regularization Framework for Multilabel Learning
Author(s): Changsheng Li, Fan Wei, Junchi Yan, Xiaoyu Zhang, Qingshan Liu, Hongyuan Zha
Pages: 2660 - 2666

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