Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Complex and Intelligent Systems, Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019

1. Rare pattern mining: challenges and future perspectives
Author(s): Anindita Borah, Bhabesh Nath
Pages: 1-23

2. LSHADE-SPA memetic framework for solving large-scale optimization problems
Author(s): Anas A. Hadi, Ali W. Mohamed, Kamal M. Jambi
Pages: 25-40

3. Interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein hybrid weighted averaging aggregation operator and their application to group decision making
Author(s): Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah, Asad Ali, Fazli Amin
Pages: 41-52

4. Evaluation of firms applying to Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: a modified fuzzy AHP method
Author(s): Serhat Aydın, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 53-63

5. Intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy multi-numbers and its application to multi-criteria decision-making problems
Author(s): Vakkas Uluçay, Irfan Deli, Mehmet Şahin
Pages: 65-78

6. Controlling disturbances of islanding in a gas power plant via fuzzy-based neural network approach with a focus on load-shedding system
Author(s): M. Moloudi, A. H. Mazinan
Pages: 79-89

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