Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2019.

1. Uniform global asymptotic stability for nonlinear systems with delay and sampling
Author(s): Zeinab Echreshavi, Alireza Roosta
Pages: 305-316

2. Designing multi-layer quantum neural network controller for chaos control of rod-type plasma torch system using improved particle swarm optimization
Author(s): Esmaeil Salahshour, Milad Malekzadeh, Reza Gholipour
Pages: 317-331

3. Density-based clustering of big probabilistic graphs
Author(s): Zahid Halim, Jamal Hussain Khattak
Pages: 333-350

4. A novel approach using incremental oversampling for data stream mining
Author(s): N. Anupama, Sudarson Jena
Pages: 351-362

5. MONDE: a method for predicting social network dynamics and evolution
Author(s): Maria Chiara Caschera, Arianna D’Ulizia, Fernando Ferri
Pages: 363-379

6. Dendrite ellipsoidal neurons based on k-means optimization
Author(s): Fernando Arce, Erik Zamora, Carolina Fócil-Arias, Humberto Sossa
Pages: 381-396

7. Vessel traffic flow analysis and prediction by an improved PSO-BP mechanism based on AIS data
Author(s): Ze-guo Zhang, Jian-chuan Yin, Ni-ni Wang, Zi-gang Hui
Pages: 397-407

8. Extractive summarization using semigraph (ESSg)
Author(s): Sheetal Sonawane, Parag Kulkarni, Charusheela Deshpande
Pages: 409-424

9. A C4.5 algorithm for english emotional classification
Author(s): Phu Vo Ngoc, Chau Vo Thi Ngoc, Tran Vo Thi Ngoc, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 425-451

10. A Valence-Totaling Model for Vietnamese sentiment classification
Author(s): Vo Ngoc Phu, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau, Vo Thi Ngoc Tran, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 453-499

11. Semantic lexicons of English nouns for classification
Author(s): Vo Ngoc Phu, Vo Thi Ngoc Tran, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 501-565

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