Monday, June 14, 2021

Complex & Intelligent Systems, Volume 7, issue 3, June 2021

Special Issue: Knowledge fusion intelligent optimization for complex systems

3. Artificial bee colony algorithm based on knowledge fusion
Author(s): Hui Wang, Wenjun Wang...Minyang Xu
Pages: 1139 - 1152

6. Genetic programming with separability detection for symbolic regression
Author(s): Wei-Li Liu, Jiaquan Yang...Shibin Wang
Pages: 1185 - 1194

7. FMCGP: frameshift mutation cartesian genetic programming
Author(s): Wei Fang & Mindan Gu
Pages: 1195 - 1206

8. Solving two-stage stochastic route-planning problem in milliseconds via end-to-end deep learning
Author(s): Jie Zheng, Ling Wang...Jize Pan
Pages: 1207 - 1222

9. Knowledge-guided multiobjective particle swarm optimization with fusion learning strategies
Author(s): Wei Li, Xiang Meng...Soroosh Mahmoodi
Pages: 1223 - 1239

10. Explainable recommendation based on knowledge graph and multi-objective optimization
Author(s): Lijie Xie, Zhaoming Hu...Jinjun Chen
Pages: 1241 - 1252

11. Smart healthcare solutions using the internet of medical things for hand gesture recognition system
Author(s): Nourelhoda M. Mahmoud, Hassan Fouad & Ahmed M. Soliman
Pages: 1253 - 1264

15. Industry 4.0, a revolution that requires technology and national strategies
Author(s): Fengwei Yang & Sai Gu
Pages: 1311 - 1325

16. A comprehensive taxonomy of security and privacy issues in RFID
Author(s): Atul KumarAnkit Kumar JainMohit Dua
Pages: 1327 - 1347

17. A solution algorithm for integrated production-inventory-routing of perishable goods with transshipment and uncertain demand
Author(s): Peide Liu, Ayad Hendalianpour...Mohamad Sadegh Sangari
Pages: 1349 - 1365

18. Attention neural collaboration filtering based on GRU for recommender systems
Author(s): Hongbin Xia, Yang Luo & Yuan Liu
Pages: 1367 - 1379

19. Period-doubling bifurcation analysis and chaos control for load torque using FLC
Author(s): Eman Moustafa, Abdel-Azem Sobaih...Amged Sayed A. Mahmoud
Pages: 1381 - 1389

20. A bi-stage surrogate-assisted hybrid algorithm for expensive optimization problems
Author(s): Zhihai Ren, Chaoli Sun...Shufen Qin
Pages: 1391 - 1405

22. Improved bag-of-features using grey relational analysis for classification of histology images
Author(s): Raju Pal, Mukesh Saraswat & Himanshu Mittal
Pages: 1429 - 1443

23. The electric vehicle routing problem with partial recharge and vehicle recycling
Author(s): Yuzhen Zhou, Jincai Huang...Kuihua Huang
Pages: 1445 - 1458

24. Hexagonal fuzzy approximation of fuzzy numbers and its applications in MCDM
Author(s): V. Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam & Jagadeeswari Murugan
Pages: 1459 - 1487

25. Hybrid structures applied to ideals in near-rings
Author(s): B. Elavarasan, G. Muhiuddin...Y. B. Jun
Pages: 1489 - 1498

26. Two-stage multi-tasking transform framework for large-scale many-objective optimization problems
Author(s): Lu Chen, Handing Wang & Wenping Ma
Pages: 1499 - 1513

28. Modified artificial bee colony algorithm for solving mixed interval-valued fuzzy shortest path problem
Author(s): Ali Ebrahimnejad, Mohammad Enayattabr...Harish Garg
Pages: 1527 - 1545

29. A holistic FMEA approach by fuzzy-based Bayesian network and best–worst method
Author(s): Melih Yucesan, Muhammet Gul & Erkan Celik
Pages: 1547 - 1564

31. Representation and application of Fuzzy soft sets in type-2 environment
Author(s): Biplab Paik & Shyamal Kumar Mondal
Pages: 1597 - 1617

34. Stance detection using improved whale optimization algorithm
Author(s): Avinash Chandra PandeyVinay Anand Tikkiwal
Pages: 1649 - 1672

36. Interval type-2 fuzzy aggregation operator in decision making and its application
Author(s): M. Lathamaheswari, D. Nagarajan...Said Broumi
Pages: 1695 - 1708

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