Friday, December 3, 2021

Weekly Review 3 December 2021

1) This article assumes that education is the only reason to record a lecture. There are other reasons that are just are compelling:

2) I wrote several web applications in PHP, a long time ago. Now for scripting I use Python:

3) Rolling-out AI from prototype to production:

4) Interview with the CEO of SambaNova, an AI as a service company:

5) Although not exclusive to these regions, East and South Asia are both places where AI will be adopted for companionship and counselling:

6) Geoffrey Hinton says that Deep Learning will eventually be able to do everything: 

8) Switching from digital to analog architectures will drastically cut the energy demands for Deep Learning

9) A tool that uses AI to automate the response to formulaic emails:

10) I've always been struck by how hard certain seemingly simple tasks are to perform in SQL:

11) The fastest supercomputers for #AI:

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