Friday, April 29, 2022

Weekly Review 29 April 2022

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about this week:

1) Kids do get AI, and technology in general. My own kid engages with AI very easily.

3) Evolutionary robotics. Not a new idea, but the simplification of it to two dimensions speeds things up a bit:

4) Reproducibility has been a problem in science for a while now. How much #AI research is repeatable?

5) Moving #NeuralNetwork operations to analog devices:

6) There is a lot of hype around #AI, but tech experts seems to be less vulnerable to it:

7) Stephen Grossberg is not a fan of #DeepLearning, and prefers his own ART model:

8) Quantum entanglement can boost the performance of quantum #MachineLearning:

9) Overview of transfer learning in #AI:

10) So now an #AI can be recognised as an inventor for a patent? This will not end well:

11) Using #MachineLearning to detect depression from EEG signals:

12) The six worst case scenarios that could be brought about by #AI. None of which are extermination of the human race:

13) An overview of concept drift in #MachineLearning. This is what causes the performance of deployed #AI models to degrade over time:

14) Using #DeepLearning to detect early Alzheimer's from speech samples:

15) So medical imagers "hallucinate" because they use #MachineLearning to process the images before the operator sees them? I really don't think that's a good idea:

16) Nine technologies that will help with your advanced studies in #MachineLearning. Wish I'd had some of these when doing my PhD:

17) Building a synthetic world to help create training data for #AI:

19) Faster #NeuralNetwork processing with wafer chips:

20) I think most researchers have felt burnt out, or felt like an imposter, at some point in their careers:

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