Friday, August 25, 2023

Weekly Review 25 August 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Art generated by AI cannot be copyrighted under US law:
  2. Would you trust Google AI to be your life coach?
  3. The real question is, which side publishes the most? The Left or the Right? Since ChatGPT and other AI are trained on published material, you would expect whomever publishes the most to have the most influence:
  4. Generative AI works best when given imperatives. Is this training students to stop asking questions?
  5. While this slideshow lists privacy concerns for AI, most of these would be taken care of in countries with proper privacy laws:
  6. Tools to prevent your photos from being used by an AI:
  7. Seems like many organisations are trying to use AI without knowing why they are using it:
  8. Code generated by AI sucks. Is it any surprise that malware written by AI also sucks?
  9. The need for upskilling in organisations, in response to greater use of AI:
  10. Capturing workers' knowledge in AI:
  11. Ottawa's hot new tourist destination-the Food Bank! At least according to an AI which has no understanding of just how inappropriate this is:
  12. Some of the business possibilities of generative AI:
  13. An emerging challenge with big AI is how to manage the enormous power and cooling requirements of the hardware needed to train the models:

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