Friday, September 22, 2023

Weekly Review 22 September 2023

 Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on Mastodon and Threads):

  1. Generative AI uses a lot of cloud resources, but it's still not a significant portion of business spending on cloud:
  2. Generative AI models are just getting too big:
  3. I think I'd test AI generated test code more than generated code going in to an application:
  4. I thought Amazon sales listings couldn't get worse. Turns out, I was wrong. Now they're using generative AI to produce them:
  5. Conversations around the ethics of AI requires contributions from many different disciplines:
  6. An overview of AI art generators:
  7. It'll be quite some time before tools like ChatGPT are useful for clinical diagnoses: I'm sure the litigation lawyers are rubbing their hands at the thought of it, though.
  8. But can it make Dad jokes? A personalised generative AI tool:
  9. Seen different AI art generators compared:
  10. Data annotation is a crucial step in developing AI models. The number of jobs doing this is increasing:
  11. An overview of natural language understanding AI:
  12. Some statistics around generative AI:
  13. I suspect that rather than boosting my productivity, I'm going to lose a bit of time playing with these tools:
  14. This is one of the risks of AI that worry me the most-algorithmic manipulation of the mentally unwell:
  15. Yet another way in which AI is pushing us all towards ever-greater levels of mediocrity in the arts:

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