Friday, November 24, 2023

Weekly Review 24 November 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmast and Post): 

  1. A startup developing tools for AI to recognise African languages. When will we have the same kind of tools for Pacific languages as well? intelligence
  2. An AI chemist evaluating catalysts to use in generating oxygen on Mars: 
  3. A new artificial intelligence model from DeepMind predicts weather better than conventional models, without the need for supercomputers: 
  4. AI can now do the bulk of the initial work in designing semiconductors:
  5. If artificial intelligence does take more and more jobs, I don't think a robot tax is the way to fund a universal basic income. Instead, a general capital tax on the wealthy is needed, to reduce economic disparity before it turns into social instability:
  6. First they sack him now they want him back What on earth is going on at OpenAI?
  7. While generative AI like ChaptGPT might be getting all the attention in artificial intelligence, smart autonomous agents are becoming more widespread:
  8. The increasing power demands of artificial intelligence are increasing the carbon emissions generated by the technology. Time to locate the data centres in places like New Zealand, the produce almost all of their electricity from renewables?
  9. So YouTube now requires AI generated content to be labelled as such. But how will they know if it's generated?
  10. But will YouTube's new music generation tool also flag everything it generates as AI produced?
  11. My last postdoc certainly didn't broaden my skills much, I was mostly treated as a highly-qualified code monkey:
  12. Maybe Auckland Transport should be looking at this AI technology when it takes three hours to get out of a mall car park
  13. New Zealand already has pretty good privacy laws, won't they be a big help in regulating artificial intelligence?
  14. ChaptGPT and other artificial intelligence software is NOT a replacement for a human counsellor:
  15. A camera with embedded generation of content credentials, to combat fakes from generative AI:
  16. Publish or Perish meets artificial intelligence - generating summaries of scientific publications:
  17. The jobs in IT that artificial intelligence will create:
  18. Neural networks that are trained on hybrid digital and quantum computers: 
  19. Why am I not surprised that it's Meta that broke up its up responsible AI group?
  20. Students don't want to have to go to the expense and effort to attend class physically. Institutions need to adjust to this new reality:
  21. Tldraw, an artificial intelligence based tool that turns sketches of user interfaces into working code:
  22. For all the impact ChatGPT has had, it's easy to forget that it's really only one year old: artificial intelligence
  23. Most of the most powerful artificial intelligence technology is controlled by large corporations. I think expecting them to show empathy is a bit of a fool's errand:
  24. Microsoft releases tools to make it even easier to use artificial intelligence to fake videos of people saying things they never said:
  25. Why educators need to embrace ChatGPT and other generative AI:
  26. Dell is now offering generative AI models for its customers:
  27. Hybrid AI - offloading some of the computation onto client devices - is expected to further spread the use of artificial intelligence:
  28. The latest hardware rankings for artificial intelligence:

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