Wednesday, October 17, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Volume 16, Issue 5, 2012

1. Differential Evolution With Neighborhood Mutation for Multimodal Optimization
Qu, B. Y.; Suganthan, P. N.; Liang, J. J.
Page(s): 601 - 614

2. Progressive Alignment Method Using Genetic Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment
Naznin, F.; Sarker, R.; Essam, D.
Page(s): 615 - 631

3. Approximating the Genetic Diversity of Populations in the Quasi-Equilibrium State
Arabas, J.
Page(s): 632 - 644

4. A Filter Approach to Multiple Feature Construction for Symbolic Learning Classifiers Using Genetic Programming
Neshatian, K.; Zhang, M.; Andreae, P.
Page(s): 645 - 661

5. Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
Arias-Montano, A.; Coello, C. A. C.; Mezura-Montes, E.
Page(s): 662 - 694

6. Review and Study of Genotypic Diversity Measures for Real-Coded Representations
Corriveau, G.; Guilbault, R.; Tahan, A.; Sabourin, R.
Page(s): 695 - 710

7. Evolution of Plastic Learning in Spiking Networks via Memristive Connections
Howard, G.; Gale, E.; Bull, L.; de Lacy Costello, B.; Adamatzky, A.
Page(s): 711 - 729

8. Memetic Algorithms for De Novo Motif Discovery
Chan, T.-M.; Leung, K.-S.; Lee, K.-H.
Page(s): 730 - 748

9. Genetic Algorithms for Discovery of Matrix Multiplication Methods
Joo, A.; Ekart, A.; Neirotti, J. P.
Page(s): 749 - 751

10. Erratum to “On the Design of Constraint Covariance Matrix Self-Adaptation Evolution Strategies Including a Cardinality Constraint” [Aug 12 578-596]
Beyer, H.-G.; Finck, S.
Page(s): 752

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