Tuesday, October 16, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 20, Issue 5, 2012

1. Monotone Centroid Flow Algorithm for Type Reduction of General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Linda, O.; Manic, M.
Page(s): 805 - 819

2. Control Design of Uncertain Quantum Systems With Fuzzy Estimators
Chen, C.; Dong, D.; Lam, J.; Chu, J.; Tarn, T-.J.
Page(s): 820 - 831

3. On the Fundamental Differences Between Interval Type-2 and Type-1 Fuzzy Logic Controllers
Wu, D.
Page(s): 832 - 848

4. Adaptive Local Fusion With Fuzzy Integrals
Abdallah, A. C. B.; Frigui, H.; Gader, P.
Page(s): 849 - 864

5. Fuzzy-Based Self-Interactive Multiobjective Evolution Optimization for Reverse Engineering of Biological Networks
Wu, S.-J.; Wu, C.-T.; Chang, J.-Y.
Page(s): 865 - 882

6. General Type-2 Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Uncertain Fuzzy Clustering
Linda, O.; Manic, M.
Page(s): 883 - 897

7. An Efficient Configuration for Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic System
Zhang, G.; Li, H.-X.
Page(s): 898 - 909

8. Fuzzy Discrete Event Systems for Multiobjective Control: Framework and Application to Mobile Robot Navigation
Schmidt, K. W.; Boutalis, Y. S.
Page(s): 910 - 922

9. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information Aggregation Using Einstein Operations
Wang, W.; Liu, X.
Page(s): 923 - 938

10. Enhanced Centroid-Flow Algorithm for Computing the Centroid of General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Zhai, D.; Mendel, J. M.
Page(s): 939 - 956

11. Robust Filter for Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Systems in Sensor Signal Processing: Fuzzy Approach
Chen, B.-S.; Chen, W.-H.; Zhang, W.
Page(s): 957 - 970

12. Three-Degree-of-Freedom Dynamic Model-Based Intelligent Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for a Gantry Position Stage
Lin, F.-J.; Chou, P.-H.; Chen, C.-S.; Lin, Y.-S.
Page(s): 971 - 985

13. Programming-Based OWA Operator Weights With Quadratic Objective Function
Ahn, B. S.
Page(s): 986 - 992

14. Comments on “Chaos Synchronization of Uncertain Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems With Time Delay Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control”
Tavazoei, M. S.
Page(s): 993 - 995

15. Comment on “Toward General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems Based on zSlices”
Zhai, D.; Mendel, J. M.
Page(s): 996 - 997

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