Monday, May 13, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 6, June 2013

1. Algorithmic Survey of Parametric Value Function Approximation
Author(s): Matthieu Geist; Olivier Pietquin
Page(s): 845 - 867

2. Impulsive Control for Existence, Uniqueness, and Global Stability of Periodic Solutions of Recurrent Neural Networks With Discrete  and Continuously Distributed Delays
Author(s): Xiaodi Li; Shiji Song
Page(s): 868 - 877

3. Effective Neural Network Ensemble Approach for Improving Generalization Performance
Author(s): Jing Yang; Xiaoqin Zeng; Shuiming Zhong; Shengli Wu
Page(s): 878 - 887

4. Novel Cost-Sensitive Approach to Improve the Multilayer Perceptron Performance on Imbalanced Data
Author(s): Cristiano L. Castro; Antonio P. Braga
Page(s): 888 - 899

5. Robust Kernel Representation With Statistical Local Features for Face Recognition
Author(s): Meng Yang; Lei Zhang; Simon Chi-Keung Shiu; David Zhang
Page(s): 900 - 912

6. Adaptive Learning in Tracking Control Based on the Dual Critic Network Design
Author(s): Zhen Ni; Haibo He; Jinyu Wen
Page(s): 913 - 928

7. Sparse Coding From a Bayesian Perspective
Author(s): Xiaoqiang Lu; Yulong Wang; Yuan Yuan
Page(s): 929 - 939

8. FSMRank: Feature Selection Algorithm for Learning to Rank
Author(s): Han-Jiang Lai; Yan Pan; Yong Tang; Rong Yu
Page(s): 940 - 952

9. Fractional Norm Regularization: Learning With Very Few Relevant Features
Author(s): Ata Kaban
Page(s): 953 - 963

10. Exponential Family Factors for Bayesian Factor Analysis
Author(s): Jun Li; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 964 - 976

11. Backtrackless Walks on a Graph
Author(s): Furqan Aziz; Richard C. Wilson; Edwin R. Hancock
Page(s): 977 - 989

12. Fast-Convergent Double-Sigmoid Hopfield Neural Network as Applied to Optimization Problems
Author(s): Zekeriya Uykan
Page(s): 990 - 996

13. Synchronization Design of Boolean Networks Via the Semi-Tensor Product Method
Author(s): Rui Li; Meng Yang; Tianguang Chu
Page(s): 996 - 1001

14. Bogdanov–Takens Singularity in Tri-Neuron Network With Time Delay
Author(s): Xing He; Chuandong Li; Tingwen Huang; Chaojie Li
Page(s): 1001 - 1007

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