Friday, May 17, 2013

Neural Networks: 7-13 May , 2013

1. Stochastic sampled-data control for state estimation of time-varying delayed neural networks
Author(s): Tae H. Lee, Ju H. Park, O.M. Kwon, S.M. Lee
2. Interval data clustering using self-organizing maps based on Mahalanobis distances
Author(s): Chantal Hajjar, Hani Hamdan
3. A mode-dependent approach to state estimation of recurrent neural networks with Markovian jumping parameters and mixed delays  
Author(s): He Huang, Tingwen Huang, Xiaoping Chen
4. Gap junctions facilitate propagation of synchronous firing in the cortical neural population: A numerical simulation study  
Author(s): Takashi Shinozaki, Yasushi Naruse, Hideyuki C√Ęteau
5. Generation and annihilation of localized persistent-activity states in a two-population neural-field model
Author(s): M. Yousaf, B. Kriener, J. Wyller, G.T. Einevoll
6. A comment on “ image -stability and image -synchronization for fractional-order neural networks”  
Author(s): Li Kexue, Peng Jigen, Gao Jinghuai
7. Neuron as a reward-modulated combinatorial switch and a model of learning behavior  
Author(s): Marat M. Rvachev

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