Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Evolving Systems Volume 5, Number 1, 2014

1. Editorial: Applications, results and future direction (EAIS 12)
Author(s): José Antonio Iglesias & Igor Škrjanc

2. A robust fuzzy adaptive law for evolving control systems
Author(s):Sašo Blažič , Igor Škrjanc & Drago Matko

3. Fault-tolerant gait learning and morphology optimization of a polymorphic walking robot
Author(s):David Johan Christensen , Jørgen Christian Larsen & Kasper Stoy

4. Elastic Adaptive Dynamics Methodology on Ontology Matching on Evolving Folksonomy Driven Environment
Author(s):Massimiliano Dal Mas

5. Dynamic learning in cognitive robotics through a procedural long term memory
Author(s):Francisco Bellas , Pilar Caamaño , Andrés Faiña & Richard J. Duro

6. Adaptive evolving strategy for dextrous robotic manipulation
Author(s):César Arismendi , David Álvarez , Santiago Garrido & Luis Moreno

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