Monday, March 3, 2014

Neural Networks, Volume 52, Pages 1-76, April 2014

1. Pairwise constrained concept factorization for data representation
Pages: 1-17
Author(s): Yangcheng He, Hongtao Lu, Lei Huang, Saining Xie
2. Hybrid extreme rotation forest
Pages: 33-42
Author(s): Borja Ayerdi, Manuel GraƱa
3. Policy oscillation is overshooting
Pages: 43-61
Author(s): Paul Wagner

4. NeuCube: A spiking neural network architecture for mapping, learning and understanding of spatio-temporal brain data
Pages: 62-76
Author(s): Nikola K. Kasabov

5. Construction of a Boolean model of gene and protein regulatory network with memory
Pages: 18-24
Author(s): Meng Yang, Rui Li, Tianguang Chu

6. Nonsmooth finite-time stabilization of neural networks with discontinuous activations
Pages: 25-32
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu, Ju H. Park, Nan Jiang, Jinde Cao

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