Tuesday, June 2, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 19, Number 3, June 2015

1. Automatic Design of a Hyper-Heuristic Framework With Gene Expression Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Author(s): Sabar, N.R.; Ayob, M.; Kendall, G.; Qu, R.
Page(s): 309 - 325

2. Semantic Backpropagation for Designing Search Operators in Genetic Programming
Author(s): Pawlak, T.P.; Wieloch, B.; Krawiec, K.
Page(s): 326 - 340

3. Tuning Optimization Algorithms Under Multiple Objective Function Evaluation Budgets
Author(s): Dymond, A.S.; Engelbrecht, A.P.; Kok, S.; Heyns, P.S.
Page(s): 341 - 358

4. Analysis of Cartesian Genetic Programming’s Evolutionary Mechanisms
Author(s): Goldman, B.W.; Punch, W.F.
Page(s): 359 - 373

5. An Effective Method for Evolving Reaction Networks in Synthetic Biochemical Systems
Author(s): Dinh, H.Q.; Aubert, N.; Noman, N.; Fujii, T.; Rondelez, Y.; Iba, H.
Page(s): 374 - 386

6. Social Networks and Asset Price Dynamics
Author(s): Yeh, C.; Yang, C.
Page(s): 387 - 399

7. An Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization With Reduced Objective Computations: A Study in Differential Evolution
Author(s): Bandyopadhyay, S.; Mukherjee, A.
Page(s): 400 - 413

8. Locating Multiple Optimal Solutions of Nonlinear Equation Systems Based on Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Song, W.; Wang, Y.; Li, H.; Cai, Z.
Page(s): 414 - 431

9. Evolutionary Approach to Approximate Digital Circuits Design
Author(s): Vasicek, Z.; Sekanina, L.
Page(s): 432 - 444

10. A Decomposition-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Many Objective Optimization
Author(s): Asafuddoula, M.; Ray, T.; Sarker, R.
Page(s): 445 - 460

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