Thursday, June 4, 2015

Neural Networks, Volume 68, Pages 1-110, August 2015

1. Periodic solution for state-dependent impulsive shunting inhibitory CNNs with time-varying delays 
Author(s): Mustafa Saylı, Enes Yılmaz
Pages: 1-11

2. Discontinuous Lyapunov approach to state estimation and filtering of jumped systems with sampled-data  
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu, Wenwu Yu, Jinde Cao, Shun Chen
Pages: 12-22

3. Computer aided diagnosis of schizophrenia on resting state fMRI data by ensembles of ELM 
Author(s): Darya Chyzhyk, Alexandre Savio, Manuel Grana
Pages: 23-33

4. Almost periodic solutions for a memristor-based neural networks with leakage, time-varying and distributed delays 
Author(s): Ping Jiang, Zhigang Zeng, Jiejie Chen
Pages: 34-45

5. Set selection dynamical system neural networks with partial memories, with applications to Sudoku and KenKen puzzles 
Author(s): B. Boreland, G. Clement, H. Kunze
Pages: 46-51

6. Multistability in a class of stochastic delayed Hopfield neural networks 
Author(s): Wu-Hua Chen, Shixian Luo, Xiaomei Lu
Pages: 52-61

7. Analysis of connectivity in NeuCube spiking neural network models trained on EEG data for the understanding of functional changes in the brain: A case study on opiate dependence treatment 
Author(s): Elisa Capecci, Nikola Kasabov, Grace Y. Wang
Pages: 62-77

8. Global asymptotical image -periodicity of a fractional-order non-autonomous neural networks 
Author(s): Boshan Chen, Jiejie Chen
Pages: 78-88

9. The transfer function of neuron spike 
Author(s): Igor Palmieri, Luiz H.A. Monteiro, Maria D. Miranda
Pages: 89-95

10. Periodic synchronization control of discontinuous delayed networks by using extended Filippov-framework 
Author(s): Zuowei Cai, Lihong Huang, Zhenyuan Guo, Lingling Zhang, Xuting Wan
Pages: 96-110

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