Sunday, August 30, 2015

Neural Networks Volume 70, Pages 1-102, October 2015

1. Discriminative clustering via extreme learning machine
Author(s): Gao Huang, Tianchi Liu, Yan Yang, Zhiping Lin, Shiji Song, Cheng Wu
Pages: 1-8

2. Realization problem of multi-layer cellular neural networks
Author(s): Jung-Chao Ban, Chih-Hung Chang
Pages: 9-17

3. Real-time, adaptive machine learning for non-stationary, near chaotic gasoline engine combustion time series
Author(s): Adam Vaughan, Stanislav V. Bohac
Pages: 18-26

4. Impulsive synchronization of Markovian jumping randomly coupled neural networks with partly unknown transition probabilities via multiple integral approach
Author(s): A. Chandrasekar, R. Rakkiyappan, Jinde Cao
Pages: 27-38

5. Near-Bayesian Support Vector Machines for imbalanced data classification with equal or unequal misclassification costs
Author(s): Shounak Datta, Swagatam Das
Pages: 39-52

6. Robustness analysis of uncertain dynamical neural networks with multiple time delays
Author(s): Sibel Senan
Pages: 53-60

7. Non-parametric temporal modeling of the hemodynamic response function via a liquid state machine
Author(s): Paolo Avesani, Hananel Hazan, Ester Koilis, Larry M. Manevitz, Diego Sona
Pages: 61-73

8. Finite time stabilization of delayed neural networks
Author(s): Leimin Wang, Yi Shen, Zhixia Ding
Pages: 74-80

9. Matrix measure method for global exponential stability of complex-valued recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays
Author(s): Weiqiang Gong, Jinling Liang, Jinde Cao
Pages: 81-89

10. Maximum margin semi-supervised learning with irrelevant data
Author(s): Haiqin Yang, Kaizhu Huang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
Pages: 90-102

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