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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 26, Issue 9, September 2015

1. Globally Stable Adaptive Backstepping Neural Network Control for Uncertain Strict-Feedback Systems With Tracking Accuracy Known a Priori
Author(s): Weisheng Chen;  Shuzhi Sam Ge; Jian Wu; Maoguo Gong
Page(s): 1842 - 1854

2. Progressive Learning Machine: A New Approach for General Hybrid System Approximation
Author(s): Yimin Yang; Yaonan Wang; Q. M. Jonathan Wu; Xiaofeng Lin; Min Liu
Page(s): 1855 - 1874

3. Artificial Electrical Morris–Lecar Neuron
Author(s): Rachid Behdad; Stephane Binczak; Alexey S. Dmitrichev; Vladimir I. Nekorkin; Jean-Marie Bilbault
Page(s): 1875 - 1884

4. Distributed Containment Control for Multiple Unknown Second-Order Nonlinear Systems With Application to Networked Lagrangian Systems
Author(s): Jie Mei; Wei Ren; Bing Li; Guangfu Ma
Page(s): 1885 - 1899

5. Training Recurrent Neural Networks With the Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm for Optimal Control of a Grid-Connected Converter
Author(s): Xingang Fu; Shuhui Li; Michael Fairbank; Donald C. Wunsch; Eduardo Alonso
Page(s): 1900 - 1912

6. Learning Stable Multilevel Dictionaries for Sparse Representations
Author(s): Jayaraman J. Thiagarajan; Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy; Andreas Spanias
Page(s): 1913 - 1926

7. Scalable Nonparametric Low-Rank Kernel Learning Using Block Coordinate Descent
Author(s): En-Liang Hu; James T. Kwok
Page(s): 1927 - 1938

8. Fault Identification in Distributed Sensor Networks Based on Universal Probabilistic Modeling
Author(s): Stavros Ntalampiras
Page(s): 1939 - 1949

9. A Kernel Classification Framework for Metric Learning
Author(s): Faqiang Wang; Wangmeng Zuo; Lei Zhang; Deyu Meng; David Zhang
Page(s): 1950 - 1962

10. Feedforward Categorization on AER Motion Events Using Cortex-Like Features in a Spiking Neural Network
Author(s): Bo Zhao; Ruoxi Ding; Shoushun Chen; Bernabe Linares-Barranco; Huajin Tang
Page(s): 1963 - 1978

11. MTC: A Fast and Robust Graph-Based Transductive Learning Method
Author(s): Yan-Ming Zhang; Kaizhu Huang; Guang-Gang Geng; Cheng-Lin Liu
Page(s): 1979 - 1991

12. Context Dependent Encoding Using Convolutional Dynamic Networks
Author(s): Rakesh Chalasani; Jose C. Principe
Page(s): 1992 - 2004

13. An Improved TA-SVM Method Without Matrix Inversion and Its Fast Implementation for Nonstationary Datasets
Author(s): Yingzhong Shi; Fu-Lai Chung; Shitong Wang
Page(s): 2005 - 2018

14. Learning With Mixed Hard/Soft Pointwise Constraints
Author(s): Giorgio Gnecco; Marco Gori; Stefano Melacci; Marcello Sanguineti
Page(s): 2019 - 2032

15. Adaptive Synchronization of Memristor-Based Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Leimin Wang; Yi Shen; Quan Yin; Guodong Zhang
Page(s): 2033 - 2042

16. Passivity and Passification of Memristor-Based Recurrent Neural Networks With Additive Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Rajan Rakkiyappan; Arunachalam Chandrasekar; Jinde Cao
Page(s): 2043 - 2057

17. Two Efficient Twin ELM Methods With Prediction Interval
Author(s): Kefeng Ning; Min Liu; Mingyu Dong; Cheng Wu; ZhanSong Wu
Page(s): 2058 - 2071

18. Dynamic Infinite Mixed-Membership Stochastic Blockmodel
Author(s): Xuhui Fan; Longbing Cao; Richard Yi Da Xu
Page(s): 2072 - 2085

19. Dynamic Surface Control Using Neural Networks for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Input Saturation
Author(s): Mou Chen; Gang Tao; Bin Jiang
Page(s): 2086 - 2097

20. Robust Novelty Detection via Worst Case CVaR Minimization
Author(s): Yongqiao Wang; Chuangyin Dang; Shouyang Wang
Page(s): 2098 - 2110

21. A Distributed Approach Toward Discriminative Distance Metric Learning
Author(s): Jun Li; Xun Lin; Xiaoguang Rui; Yong Rui; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 2111 - 2122

22. Incorporating Wind Power Forecast Uncertainties Into Stochastic Unit Commitment Using Neural Network-Based Prediction Intervals
Author(s): Hao Quan; Dipti Srinivasan; Abbas Khosravi
Page(s): 2123 - 2135

23. Group Factor Analysis
Author(s): Arto Klami; Seppo Virtanen; Eemeli Leppäaho; Samuel Kaski
Page(s): 2136 - 2147

24. Fick’s Law Assisted Propagation for Semisupervised Learning
Author(s): Chen Gong; Dacheng Tao; Keren Fu; Jie Yang
Page(s): 2148 - 2162

25. Application of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for the Adaptive Computation of the Smoothing Parameter for Probabilistic Neural Network
Author(s): Maciej Kusy; Roman Zajdel
Page(s): 2163 - 2175

26. Variational Bayesian Inference Algorithms for Infinite Relational Model of Network Data
Author(s): Takuya Konishi; Takatomi Kubo; Kazuho Watanabe; Kazushi Ikeda
Page(s): 2176 - 2181

27. Hyperparameter Selection for Gaussian Process One-Class Classification
Author(s): Yingchao Xiao; Huangang Wang; Wenli Xu
Page(s): 2182 - 2187

28. Properties and Performance of Imperfect Dual Neural Network-Based k WTA Networks
Author(s): Ruibin Feng; Chi-Sing Leung; John Sum; Yi Xiao
Page(s): 2188 - 2193

29. A Unified Framework for Data Visualization and Coclustering
Author(s): Lazhar Labiod; Mohamed Nadif
Page(s): 2194 - 2199

30. Discriminative Hierarchical K-Means Tree for Large-Scale Image Classification
Author(s): Shizhi Chen; Xiaodong Yang; Yingli Tian
Page(s): 2200 - 2205

31. Retargeted Least Squares Regression Algorithm
Author(s): Xu-Yao Zhang; Lingfeng Wang; Shiming Xiang; Cheng-Lin Liu
Page(s): 2206 - 2213

32. Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine With Kernels
Author(s): Simone Scardapane; Danilo Comminiello; Michele Scarpiniti; Aurelio Uncini
Page(s): 2214 - 2220

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