Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Review 12 February 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Financial robo-advisors:
  2. A low-power neural network chip for deep learning 
  3. Emphasis on metrics is harmful to universities
  4. Four take-aways about Google's Tensor Flow
  5. The damage done by bad PhD supervisors Bad post-doc supervisors can ruin careers, too. I've seen it happen.
  6. AI for network security analysis
  7. Some researchers have used my SECoS algorithm to do this: 
  8. Version 1.22 of the ECoS Toolbox has been released: 
  9. SECoS compiler tool now outputs Java and PHP code, in addition to C++, C# and Python
  10. Added tools for analysing trained NECoS networks to the ECoS Toolbox version 1.22
  11. Implementing k-nearest neighbor algorithm using Python:
  12. Using email effectively I try to have an empty (work) inbox when I go home in the evening
  13. Grouping coyote, wolf howls into "dialects" using machine learning
  14. Canine howl dialects, paper here
  15. Common data visualisation mistakes:
  16. List of 34 machine learning resources and articles:
  17. Machine learning in dating websites:
  18.  Image editing with Python: 
  19. Artificial intelligence and sarcasm:
  20. Predicting cancer survival with machine learning: 
  21. A Gentle Guide to Machine Learning: 
  22. Time-Series prediction with Python: 
  23. Women are still badly under-represented in tech I've increased the number of women teaching in my department.
  24. Four myths about using social media as a researcher:!The-four-greatest-myths-about-using-social-media-as-a-researcher/hmlp3/56a22b2f0cf2009838b71c56

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