Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekly Review 19 February 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. "Illegally" sharing research articles-and of course it's Elsevier suing over it:
  2. Seriously, Elsevier, just stop being such ridiculously greedy dicks!
  3. Ensembles in machine learning: I used ensembles of MLP years ago to model an ecoinformatics problem.
  4. Elsevier is the Walter White of journal publishers:
  5. High-impact journals are more likely to have fraudulent research published in them:
  6. AI could drive global unemployment to 50 %
  7. NSA uses ML to detect terrorists in Pakistan, but doesn't use an independent validation data set to test performance 
  8. For smart people, the NSA seem to have made a pretty basic error with their machine learning
  9. Bayes' Theorem for computer scientists
  10. Naive Bayesian classifier explained
  11. Jobs that are threatened by AI:
  12. Artificial intelligence X-prize: 
  13. AWS machine learning service only offers one algorithm:
  14. Add-on allows for fuzzy matching in Google spreadsheets
  15. Marvin Minsky's legacy
  16. 40 ways researchers achieved impact with their research!40-practical-tips-for-achieving-impact-told-to-us-by-researchers-and-those-they-worked-with-to-achieve-impact/hmlp3/569faeba0cf2bfd5cce91b1b

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